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Sănătatea Press Group is a company that offers ideas, consultancy and strategies implemented in specialized services through five divisions:

Media Division
Strategy & Communication Division
The Events Division
Health Production Division
Logistics Division

Through the Media Division, Sănătatea Press Group manages three channels of information: www.SanatateaTV.ro  – the first online  TV channel in Romania – dedicated exclusively to healthcare, www.ComunicateMedicale.ro  – the first online platform for publishing health / medical press releases, http://www.rohealthreview.ro/: Strategies, Economics & More – editorial project with high-quality content that offers a new and complete approach to the strategic, economic and management dimension of the Romanian health system.

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Our Divisions

Sănătatea Press Group promotes the concept of integrated health-related communication services by managing 5 divisions.

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Sageata dreapta

Conf. dr. Roxana Silvia Bumbăcea

President of the Romanian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

It was the first time I had this collaboration with Sănătatea Press Group and it was, I think, a successful experience, especially in view of the fact that things have happened a little different from the usual pattern of scientific medical manifestations. Of course, this suggests another approach, perhaps another strategy, but it has certainly been, to put it this way, an innovative approach to everything. And I think my colleagues are in my assent. It was dynamic. There were many projections from different angles, interviews, interactivity. I think dynamic is the keyword! So the collaboration with Sănătatea Press Group was a very good auspicious one!”  First National Interdisciplinary Conference on Allergology & Pulmonology 2018

Simona Bălănescu


„Have collaborated with Sănătatea Press Group and I think it is a responsible company with a very good reputation and health communication professionals. Their media experience in this area is very good. ”

Conf. dr. Cornelia Bala

President of the Romanian Diabetes Education Association:

„If I were to describe Sănătatea Press Group in a few words, they would be: initiative, correct, dynamic, creative and persevering in their work.”

Dan Miclea

General Director of Media Kompass

„Sănătatea Press Group is well aware of the communications market in the medical field and health system in Romania. The company provides its customers with professional informational content and projects based on a well-implemented strategic component.”

Dr. Alexandru Grigorescu

Co-President of the National Society of Medical Oncology

„If I were to describe Sănătatea Press Group in a few words, it would be experience, vision and perseverance in the desire to achieve the most accurate and effective communication in the field of oncology in Romania.”

Conf. dr. Ioan Vereșiu

President of the Romanian Federation of Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases

„The Strategy and Communication Division of Sănătatea Press Group has shown professionalism in all the projects we have implemented together. I am glad to have the opportunity to work with a dynamic, professional and highly involved team in all the actions that she develops.”

Prof. dr. Alexandru Rafila

President of the Romanian Society of Microbiology

„Through its Strategy and Communication Division, Sănătatea Press Group brings added value to the field of communication and development of medical projects through its proposals, through the expertise it demonstrates in their implementation and the involvement in the projects of a strong and serious team .”

Andreea Stroe


„Collaboration with Sănătatea Press Group is an opportunity to generate public affairs in the related areas in which I am involved. I am convinced that together we will develop projects that will bring a real improvement in the life of patients in Romania.”

Prof. dr. Gabriela Radulian

President of the Romanian Society of Diabetic Neuropathy

„Together with Sănătatea Press Group, the Romanian Society of Diabetic Neuropathy has organized numerous events. I'm happy to work with a young, dynamic and professional team. Sănătatea Press Group remains for us a trusted partner, with whom we hope to continue to develop important medical events.”

Prof. dr. Maria Moța

President of the Romanian Society for Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases during 2013-2015:

„The Romanian Diabetes Society has had a fruitful collaboration with the Health Press Group. Together with the Strategy and Communication and Event Division, we have developed various communication projects addressed to physicians or, as the case may be, to people with diabetes. The input brought by Health Press Group into all these actions has been particularly important. If you have any ideas“Ei“you are professional in their implementation.”

Prof. dr. Anca Dana Buzoianu

President of the Association of the Deans of the Faculty of Medicine in Romania

„Sănătatea Press Group is a serious, responsible and professional company in health communication. The Health Strategy and Communication Group of the Press Group has ideas, knows how to implement them, and the communication activities carried out in partnership with the Deans Association have been very well done.”

Norina Gâvan

Country Manager Woerwag

„Together with Sănătatea Press Group we have developed important projects that have managed to differentiate us in the pharmaceutical market in Romania. Next, we have many plans together, plans and strategies aimed at increasing the quality of patients' lives in particular, and increasing the quality of health care in Romania. Sănătatea Press Group is a company with expertise in communication and organization of health events.”

Conf. dr. Alina Tănase

President of the Romanian Society of Medullary Transplantation

„Sănătatea Press Group, through the strategy and communication division, events and the Sănătatea Production Division, has developed and implemented the strategy for the development and organization of projects within the Medullary Transplant Society, from press conferences, to organizing events and video productions, on topics are related to the development of the field of medullary transplantation in Romania. I think I'm working with a medical expert. For me, Sănătatea Press Group means expertise and involvement. I'm glad we work together.”