Medical Events: Strategic Approach and Innovation

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The event industry, known international as MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions), includes any form of public or corporate event. In Romania, this industry has grown a lot in recent years and is constantly developing, especially in the corporate field.

Whether we are talking about conferences, symposiums, trainings or team buildings, the events are the most wanted way of interaction for business development, personal and educational development, experience exchange or  innovations’ introduction.

The event planning industry has a certain kind of dynamism, especially regarding the area of conferences and thematic seminars.

In the healthcare domain, as well as in other areas, events are an important part of the marketing and PR strategy, covering any other form of communication.

In particular, in the medical field, for organizing different types of events, whether we are discussing the planning of a congress and symposium, or some courses, a professional and correct approach is required, in accordance with the existing regulations, guidelines and codes.

Also, the strategic approach for achieving the goals of each event must be one of the main tasks of the event organizers.

According to the healthcare professionals, the scientific manifestations in the medical field must be scientifically organized by accredited professional societies and are necessary for the accumulation of new knowledge in relation to medical practice, the debate of some subjects of interest, experience exchange, but also for presenting the latest domain innovations.

The logistics organizer or the company that develops the logistic management of the event must take care of the good conduct of the event in accordance with the organizational requirements and with the compliance standards.

Sănătatea Press Group –  a company that performs logistics management for different events in the medical field- has an experienced team in organizing health events and a correct, strategic and innovative approach of each event it manages.

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