Health communication: responsibility and expertise

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Health Communication, especially in the medical field, is a challenge for any professional in public relations and communication, because it represent an activity segment that directly influences what we most value: health or even life.

That’s why healthcare communication is, perhaps, the most delicate category of all communication areas. That’s because what you communicate, the way you do it, can generate an immediate response from the “recipient” of the message that impacts individual health or collective health, depending on the situation. One of most eloquent example, and certainly a reference, is the communication regarding vaccination.

Therefore, health communication means a great responsibility. A responsibility that should characterize any communication action that addresses the health area or the medical system as a whole. But this responsibility also derives from a profound understanding of the field itself, so it must also be based on an important expertise and experience of the communicator.

For Sănătatea Press Group, more precisely for the Strategy & Communication Division, health communication is one of the main areas of expertise, expertise based on a correct understanding of what communication in health should represent, but also on the existence of an extensive information background in field.

The strategic and analytical approach, professionalism and results are the pillars of performance of the Sănătatea Press in terms of health communicating, whether we are communicating about the problems and perspectives of the health system, or about certain health topics.

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